President Obama honors Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos to the White House

The Denver Broncos were at the White House celebrating their Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers.
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - The champs in D.C. The Super Bowl 50 winning Denver Broncos made the traditional journey to the White House Monday, meeting the President in the Rose Garden at the White House.

"I need a helmet,” joked President Obama as he was presented a Denver Broncos football helmet. "You get knocked around here in Washington quite a bit.”

The Broncos made the traditional champion’s voyage to Washington, to be honored for their performance in Super Bowl 50, defeating the Carolina Panthers in February. Head Coach Gary Kubiak says it was exciting to get the team back together for such an event.

"It’s just been a special day for our football team and some of the families with us also,” said Kubiak.

The visit wasn’t solely focused on their on-the-field success. The President recognized the team’s efforts giving back to their community.

"For all the love the fans give to this team, the Broncos gave it right back,” said President Obama. "In just the last year, players have served the community more than 360 times. From holding fitness clinics, to mentoring young people, to honoring our troops.”

As much as the President appreciates their efforts, the players, at the apex of the careers, were awestruck to celebrate with the President Monday.

"It was special for me, I know it was special for my teammates to share this moment with him today. It was great,” said Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller.

And joking around with the President was an added bonus.

"OMAHA! OMAHA!” shouted President Obama at his podium, mimicking the audible play-calling of Peyton Manning.

"He said he liked my shoes,” said Miller. "And he liked my dance moves too. So everything was all good.”

All good in Colorado, indeed.

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