President Trump hosts Gray TV at White House dinner

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- President Trump will deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday. Ahead of the big speech, the President invited a select group of reporters to dinner at the White House.

Gray Television Washington Bureau Chief Jacqueline Policastro, WTVG anchor Diane Larson, and WKYT anchor Bill Bryant attended.

The dinner lasted a few hours and was hosted in the state dining room at the White House.

Vice President Pence greeted the team from Gray Television, but he didn’t stay for dinner. The First Lady also stopped by.

The President, his Chief of Staff, and lead press team answered questions and discussed the President’s priorities.

The meeting covered many issues from health care to North Korea.

President Trump said our nation has problems at every level, but the United States has tremendous potential.

The White House says this is the first time a group of local reporters has been invited for a private dinner with the President. The White House press team says the goal is to honor the power of local television.

Most of the event was off the record.

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