President-elect Trump turns to Capitol Hill to fill cabinet positions

Senator Roberts (R-KS) says Kansans should be proud that a Congressman from their state has the ear of the President on matters of intelligence.
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - President-elect Donald Trump is working hard to fill his cabinet. Trump Friday showing he is going to the well on Capitol Hill to fill some of these postings, including Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for Attorney General and Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) for CIA Director.

Trump, filling out his team with people who have backed him from the get-go. The first Senator to back Trump, Sessions was tapped to be Attorney General of the United States. Gary Nordlinger, a Political Management Professor at George Washington University, says Trump is keeping his friends close.

"Given Trump’s personality and given the way Trump was treated by the Republican establishment, I think he needs to be filling it with loyalists," said Nordlinger.

This posting, like others, is not without controversy. Sessions has been accused on multiple occasions of using racially charged language, even preventing Sessions from becoming a Federal Judge in Alabama. John Malcom from the Heritage Foundation says there is no merit to these accusations.

"I would expect that there will be some partisan Democrats that would try to recycle those scurrilous allegations, but I doubt that would hold him up for a confirmation," said Malcom.

Another pick from Capitol Hill, Congressman Pompeo was tapped to become the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. A West Point graduate, Pompeo became known in Congress for his dogged efforts on the House Select Committee on Benghaz where he demanded answers from Hillary Clinton.

"He’s the kind of guy that tells it like it is, and does so in a way that is pretty declarative," said Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS). "I think that’d appeal to the President-elect. It’s straight talk. I think Mike’s got the experience to do it."

Roberts says Kansans should be proud knowing Pompeo has the ear of the President on matters of intelligence.

"(He will be) putting the security of the United States first and making sure that job is being done properly," said Roberts. "And that involves every Kansan...that involves every citizen in America."

Both Pompeo and Sessions will need to be confirmed by the Senate.

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