Prevention is key to avoid mosquitoes and Zika virus

Published: May. 11, 2016 at 6:40 PM EDT
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As the weather gets nicer, people will start spending more time outside.

Mosquitoes can become a concern with 13 cases of the Zika virus reported in Virginia. Two of those cases are in our region of Virginia.

Prevention is key.

Spraying yourself with bug spray is a popular method.

Especially with all the rain we've had, you'll want to make sure there is no standing water.

You'll notice as soon as you walk into a store, you'll see insect repellent. Most will claim to protect you from mosquitoes. There are sprays for your backyard, and even lamps.

We talked to some people who are concerned about the Zika virus.

Here are some tips they have on keeping mosquitoes away.

"They have an argo spray that you spray your yard after you cut it and that keeps down the ticks, the mosquitoes, all sorts of insects,” said Harold Johnson.

"We also protect any holes on our rain barrels with very fine mesh so the mosquitoes can't get through the mesh to get into the water to lay the eggs,” said Heather O’Bryan.

Now when it comes to the Zika virus, none of the 13 people in Virginia were infected in the U.S..

But preventing mosquito bites is the best way to avoid infections.

The Virginia Department of Health will have an updated number of Zika virus cases Thursday.