Private railcar excursions benefit transportation museum

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The return of Amtrak to western Virginia has opened the door to another passenger rail experience.

Over the weekend and early Monday morning, the Virginia Museum of Transportation operated six private railcar excursions between Roanoke and Washington, DC.

Passengers rode in a dome car built in late1940s.

Jim Stump is Chairman of the Forward 611 Committee of the Virginia Museum of Transportation:

"I think the history is what is so unique," Stump told WDBJ7. "And especially the level of luxury these cars provide. It's just something you cannot experience in normal traffic and yet these were the norm for the luxury trains of the 40s and 50s."

130 passengers raised about $5,000 for the museum.

Proceeds will help pay for museum expenses and winter maintenance on the 611 steam engine.

The museum plans to offer the private railcar excursion again in April.