Project Life Saver helps reunite missing loved ones

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BEDFORD Co., Va. (WDBJ7) -- There are resources available for those with special needs family members.

This is Project Life Saver.

It uses an electronic transmitter to track down those wearing the receiver.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office says it's used to find those with autism or dementia.

It can detect a missing person up to a mile away. "Sometimes we can find them, sometimes we can't, depends on how long they've been gone; the rain, whether they're in a vehicle or not, which is impossible. So far, knock on wood, we've found the ones we've been looking for," explained Cpt. Timothy Hayden with the Bedford County Sheriff's Office.

Several law enforcement agencies in our region offer the service.

They say it cuts down on man power during search efforts and saves lives.

For more information, you can contact Bedford County Captain Hayden or your local law enforcement agency.