Prom night in Lynchburg: Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' hosted in 500 places across the world

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) For over 90,000 people across the world, and in our region, it was prom night! Tim Tebow's foundation hosted various "Night To Shine" proms for people living with special needs.

In Lynchburg for the second year, Journey Ministries hosted a prom for over 170 participants and 400 volunteers at Phase 2.

Abigail Tyree was one of the participants. She sat in a chair and got pampered.

“Prom night! Wooo!” said Tyree. “I’m so excited.”

With any prom night comes the glitz and the glam: hair done, dresses on, suits buttoned and of course a slew of paparazzi lining the red carpet.

“Ready, say cheese!” you could hear multiple times walking up and down the front entrance.

It's called “Night to Shine” and when Abigail Tyree walked down the red carpet. She did just that.

“It’s good that they special we are to them,” said Tyree.

Jana Moon and her mom look forward to the prom every year.

“We've never experienced anybody that has made her feel less, but there are not many opportunities outside of this foundation and this night to shine that show her that she is extra special,” said Carolyn Knuckles, Moon’s mother. “And that she has the right to have just as much fun on the dance floor as anybody else has.”

It was a feeling that was different than some people's day to day.

“Because with certain disabilities, some people don't understand what it's like to have these disabilities. They just go right to picking,” said participant Robin Hudson.

At the end of prom, instead of having one prom king or queen- everyone got a crown. A cliché, maybe, but that didn't matter to the people wearing them.

“I feel like a princess,” said Hudson.

“Makes me feel special,” said Darnell Whitley, who enjoyed the prom Friday night. “And I feel just like everybody else.”