Property owners hoping for compromise in Roanoke Valley greenway plans

ROANOKE CO., Va (WDBJ7) People in Roanoke County had another chance to share their thoughts about the future of the Roanoke Valley greenways.

On the minds of many in attendance Monday night was Tinker Creek.

"It's just a safety issue for me," attendee Brian Hood said.

He shares the concern of others that came to the public input meeting at Mountain View Elementary.

The discussion centered on the next 10 years of greenway planning in the Roanoke Valley.

"There's a lot of information that we have to think about not just the joy of it but what could be some things that could cause problems," Hood said.

He bought property along Tinker Creek about 3 years ago.

He says he and his family enjoy the seclusion, but the idea of a new greenway between his back door and the creek has him feeling uneasy.

"Sometimes I'm not at home, away from home with my business, so therefore my family could be there by themselves," Hood said.

"They don't want it to be in their back yard."

Roanoke Valley Greenway Coordinator Liz Belcher says she understands these concerns.

That's why the public meetings have been divided into four breakout groups so people like Hood can voice their concerns.

"Is there another option? I've already heard one or two here tonight saying, 'Why don't you go this way?' So that's exactly what we want to hear," Belcher said.

That's all Hood says he's asking for: an opportunity to reach a compromise.

"You got to open up the line of communication. You're going to have some people for it, you're going to have some people against it and what's the best for the entire community," Hood said.

The next meeting for residents to share their thoughts is at 6:30 Thursday evening at Fishburn Elementary.

If you can't make it to the meeting, you're encouraged to take an online survey.

Just click here.