Bills would give Martinsville, Henry County residents chance to vote on reversion

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 5:59 PM EST
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As months of talking in 2019 led to a unanimous vote by Martinsville City Council to revert to a town, city residents weren't the only ones paying attention to the process.

People living in the county, such as Jennifer Delong, began to figure out how reversion would impact their lives.

"As business owners, that does mean a lot. You know when you have customers coming in it's a difference between the two with the county and city," said Delong.

Delong owns Coffe Cafe Shop in Collinsville, and says the possibility of Martinsville becoming a town and annexing her area makes her question the future of her shop.

"It does make me wonder what's in store for our business because it does affect it." said Delong.

Delegate Danny Marshall represents the 14th district, which includes part of Henry County, and has filed three bills regarding reversion.

House bill 494 would require more than a simple majority vote to start the reversion process.

House bills 492 and 493 would allow people living in the city and the county to vote on a referendum to decide whether or not they believe the process should be allowed.

"I represent Henry County, and I'm just trying to do what's best for my constituents in Henry County," said Marshall.

Marshall filed similar bills during previous talks of reversion; these current bills still need to make it through the county, city and town committee in the General Assembly.

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