Protesters demonstrate against Rep. Morgan Griffith's support of tax bill

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Protestors demonstrated outside Congressman Morgan Griffith's Christiansburg office Monday afternoon against his support of the new tax bill.

The protestors said they feel the bill only supports one percent of people in the country.

Dale Wimberly was one of the protesters and a member of the Coordinating Committee of NRV Indivisible.

He explained the bill saying, "It gives a lot of people a tax cut for a little while, but then it goes away, but the tax cuts for the rich and for corporations, those stay in place. So ordinary people are going to pay a price if this bill gets passed."

So the dozens of protestors wanted to ask Congressman Griffith why he supported the bill.

NRV Indivisible Chair Flourett Ketner said, "I see a lot of people who are going to be negatively impacted and I want to know exactly how he thinks we're going to be improving instead of hurting the people in this area."

Congressman Griffith said Monday night in response to the protest, "I support the House Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it will help create jobs here in the United States while letting families keep more of their money. The current tax code makes companies pay if they want to grow and invest in our country. The House tax bill isn’t perfect, but it moves us toward a system that encourages jobs and growth right here in the United States. It also lowers individual rates for low- and middle-income Americans and increases the standard deduction. These steps are good for taxpayers looking to keep their hard-earned money. I believe tax reform will be good for Southwest Virginia. I am open to talking with constituents about the issues facing the nation and have done so with many in the Ninth District, including some who were at the office today.”

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