Protesters in Lynchburg meet with cardboard cutout of Congressman Bob Goodlatte

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Congressman Bob Goodlatte held a private town hall meeting today- but not with his constituents.

Will Chadwell/WDBJ7

Protesters met with a cardboard cutout of the congressman outside an event at Genworth in Lynchburg.

Indivisible Lynchburg staged the protest. They want the congressman to be a leader on big issues like immigration and healthcare.

"He should be taking a leadership position and instead he is towing the Trump line," Indivisible Lynchburg member Anne Boynton said.

Indivisible Lynchburg wants Goodlatte to hold a public town hall event.
We reached out to Goodlatte for comment, but haven't heard back.