Public Works preparing for several inches of snow in Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Lynchburg Public Works is preparing for several inches of snow Tuesday night.
Director of Public Works, Gaynelle Hart says their main focus will be on primary and secondary roadways; treating residential streets with an abrasive if needed. “We do not do anything in residentials unless we get two inches of snow," Hart said.

Lynchburg Public Works (WDBJ7)

She says to not be alarmed if you don’t immediately see plows out and about as road crews will apply salt to the primary and secondary streets first.

That salt will mix with slag and form a brine to keep the snow from freezing to the road. “We allow that to do what we call ‘work.’ So, we don’t just immediately plow it off because you plow your salt off the road," explained Hart.

Despite the proactive measures, Hart says the frigid temps may cause the snow to stick around. “Definitely snow build up in the residential areas so expect that for your morning commute.”

VDOT is also ready to hit up major roadways.

They’ve already applied a brine pretreatment in the nearby counties and plan to plow once the snow starts to accumulate. “We’re going to do our best to stay ahead of the snow so as it continues to fall and hopefully by the time the snow is done we’ll have a whole lot of bare pavement out there," said Dale Totten, the District Maintenance Engineer for VDOT.