Public defender appointed to represent Bedford County murder suspect

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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) A man charged with murdering a teenager in Bedford County can not afford an attorney of his own and will be represented by a public defender.

At an advisement hearing Thursday afternoon, a public defender was appointed to represent Jose Coreas-Ventura. He is charged with second degree murder in connection with the death of Raymond Wood March 27.

During Thursday's hearing Coreas-Ventura began laying out his defense. Through a Spanish interpreter, Coreas-Ventura told the judge he went to work around 6 PM March 27 and started drinking beer with his boss. The judge ordered him to stop talking "for your protection." The purpose of an advisement hearing is to give the defendant an opportunity to produce evidence of an attorney or request representation, rather than a venue for facts of a case to be established.

Coreas-Ventura told the judge he held a job "in the area" prior to his arrest, but had no money in his bank account and no property in the United States from which he could levy to afford an attorney. He mentioned an inherited property in El Salvador as his only monetary asset.

Coreas-Ventura's next court appearance is scheduled for June 13 at 1 PM in Bedford Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court.