Public pianos are back in Lynchburg for fifth season of 'Hill City Keys'

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7)- The Lynchburg Regional Airport was filled with Ragtime music Tuesday afternoon. The airport is now home to Lynchburg’s 11th public piano.

The Academy Center of the Arts kicked off the fifth season of Hill City Keys with founder, Libby Fitzgerald. The team unveiled the newest piano: a baby grand donated by the Kinnier family and decorated by Heritage High School students. The students painted a brief history of Lynchburg on the piano.

“I think when people arrive here in the airport it's really great. It's when they arrive from somewhere else and they come into Lynchburg,” said Geoffrey Kershner, Director of the Academy Center of the Arts. “They see a place that wants a public piano in the center of the airport and I think that sends a really strong message about the city we live in.”

The piano will stay in the airport year round. You can also find a permanent piano at the Community Health Center on Fifth Street.

Outdoor pianos are located on the Bluff Walk, at the Community Market, outside Kegney Brother’s, Visitor Center, Schewels, Galleria, Bank of the James and Amazement Square. They will also be adding a piano to the lobby of Lynchburg General.

The outdoor pianos are made available to the public all summer long through to the fall.