Pulaski Yankees upgrade Calfee Park ahead of Thursday night's home opener

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PULASKI, Va. (WDBJ7) The first pitch for the Pulaski Yankees was thrown at seven Thursday night at a newly renovated Calfee Park.

There have been about a half a million dollars worth of upgrades to the venue just since last season and about seven million within the last three years.

Fans now have more space and even more pride.

"It looks like major league. It really does," said George Akers, who's is easily one of the Pulaski Yankees' biggest fans.

"Yes, all the way," Akers said with a laugh.

He grew up just across the street from Calfee Park and watched the place grow.

"I knew how the park looked and I never thought this Calfee Park would be this pretty. I really didn't," Akers said.

As he checks out the field ahead of Thursday night's game and watches last minute preparations it's easy to see this venue has expanded even more.

"We have a new upper concourse that's covered. It's a great pavilion for folks to gather and enjoy the game away from the sun or the weather," said Blair Hoke, the Pulaski Yankees General Manager.

The beams for this large pavilion are repurposed from a building in downtown Pulaski. The space expands seating for concessions.

New offerings are on the menu, more space in the parking lot, new office space for workers, and an expanded outfield.

"Very exciting. We're looking for a sell out crowd or at least a record breaking number at tonight's game," Hoke said.

Hoke says attracting fans is no problem.

Last season marked the second consecutive year the team has had the highest attendance within the Appalachian League.

"2017 should be no different. We have a lot of great promotions lined up," Hoke said.