'Quitting is not in my vocabulary!' Danville man finishes world marathon challenge

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 6:24 PM EST
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If you pull up to Steve Scott's house in Danville, you may find him outside, chasing his trusty sidekick.

But when Scott runs, he's typically not chasing anything, other than his last personal record.

Scott, is in his 50s and averages anywhere from 60 to 100 miles a week. Two weeks ago that number increased to 121 miles.

"Yeah, so I still got 60 to go after that!" Steve laughs as he thinks about how far he has to run one day before he arrives in Capetown, South Africa.

As of Thursday morning, Scott finished 184 miles in just seven days.

One marathon, on each continent.

To put that in perspective, a week only has 168 hours.

Scott sent back videos and pictures along the way. WDBJ7 even did a Facetime call with him when he was in India.

The first marathon he did was one week ago, in Antarctica. Then he traveled back to Capetown to run. Perth was next, followed by Dubai. Madrid was fifth. Fortaleza, Brazil was after that. The last marathon took place in Miami, Florida.


"It's been crazy, like I said I've been going after this thing for the last 16 months, but the last 4 to 5 months have been the worst because it's mental," said Steve Scott.

One of the biggest mental barriers Scott crossed was in Antarctica, due to the conditions.

"Wind chill was negative 25 degrees," said Scott.

There were 40 other competitors, but only 15 were from the United States. Scott was the oldest runner to finish the challenge.

"You know I'm going out of my comfort zone, and I encourage anyone, if you have something that you want to go after, go for it, because I can tell you right now, I'm one to say, that you can do it," said Scott.

That can-do attitude comes from a loss Scott wasn't prepared for last May.

"You know it's all about the cancer people, the victims, the parents, everybody, its just about the cancer and that's what we're doing this for," said Scott.

Scott lost his person, his mom.

She was a cancer survivor and at that point, he already elected to raise money for the Danville-Pittsylvania Cancer Association.

He decided after she passed that she would still be with him during each leg of the race, with this picture.

"Before and after each marathon, I can reach down and give mom a kiss," said Scott, holding her picture.

Scott's nickname is "Marathon Man," but really, he's a family man. He loves God, his mom, wife, son and grandson. The boys all linked together as he crossed his last finish line.

He has a passion for running, and for finding a cure for cancer.

And by combining those, he's now finished something only a handful of people ever do, in his 50s with only 5 years of running experience.

"It's just like, God's done it!" said Scott.

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