Multiple dogs adopted, rescued, reedemed by owners after RCACP shelter almost ran out of space

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The Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection (RCACP) announced that 15 dogs have been adopted after worries of almost running out of space Thanksgiving weekend. They also say 14 dogs were transferred to their rescue partners and 11 dogs were redeemed by their owners.

A spokesperson for RCACP says, "We are grateful that the Roanoke Valley community showed its support and stepped up to the challenge of finding a safe haven for these animals in loving homes or to rescues that will search for the perfect family for these dogs. "


The Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection (RCACP) saw an influx of stray dogs come in over Thanksgiving weekend.

The shelter takes in stray dogs from the City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, Botetourt County, and Vinton.

Now they are almost maxed out of space.

"This was a holiday weekend and I don't think people were being as vigilant about closing doors as we normally would be," said Melinda Rector, RCACP operations acting director.

"We always have company for Thanksgiving so it's easier for the dogs to get out."

There are so many large stray and adoptable dogs, the shelter was completely full this week.

Area rescues helped take some dogs off their hands.

"We are very thankful a lot of the rescues who answered that call for us."

But even with the help, they are still almost to capacity.

"We run out of room if there is a huge influx of dogs that come in at one time."

Many of the dogs that are filling up spaces are strays that are held for 5 to 10 days before they become adoptable.

"We have several great animals in the stray hold right now that I know are missing their families and I'm sure their families are missing them."

She said some of the dogs in the stray hold were found wearing sweaters and collars.

Now they are putting a call out to the owners with missing dogs.

"The main message that I want people to understand is if you are missing your pet, missing your dog or even if you are missing your cat please check here first."

You can view picures of lost or stray pets currently being held at RCACP here.