Radford Baseball fans hold watch party for team's first playoff game

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Radford Baseball started it's playoff run Friday night in Louisville. But back home, fans were packing local spots to cheer the team on.

Macado's in Radford during the first pitch and some big scoring moments was packed and loud as the Highlanders took on #1 seed Louisville.

A sea of red filled the bar area with some seasoned vet fans, and even a few young minor leaguers.

But no matter the age, everyone is here for one reason.

Joey O'Toole is the Radford Women's Basketball Director, but is a big baseball fan.

He said at the watch party, "I came out to support the team tonight. I was down there on Sunday when they won the championship game, and I've enjoyed watching the team all season, big supporter of Radford Athletics."

But Radford is taking on the top seed Louisville, in their own home town.

It's a situation many are calling being an underdog.

But Radford fan Michelle Beale said, "I don't ever feel like an underdog when I watch sports. My dad coached baseball at UVA for 12 years and I always feel like we're the Number 1 seed and we'll kick everybody's --. So we'll do what we need to do."

They certainly did early with a grand slam in the fourth and a game tying two-run triple in the sixth.

Unfortunately, all the cheering and hollering couldn't get the Highlanders the win, and fans were forced to go home after an 11 to 6 loss.

1979 alumni Katrina Cometa said, "They gave it their all, they really did a great job and I couldn't be prouder of the fact that they're even here, that's very exciting and they've really done a good job and made a good showing."

Jake Hedrick of the Class of 2015 added, "With the loss, we've got Xavier. I think that's definitely going to be a win for Radford, and you just got from there. It's a double elimination tournament so you've got to lose two, you know?"

Saturday's game is set for noon against Xavier, and another watch party is already planned for that game at Macado's.