Radford Fire and EMS doubles life-saving equipment in trucks

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7)— Radford Fire and EMS has purchased new life-saving equipment.

Rather than a stretcher, they recently bought a stair chair to help them get patients down steps in homes.

They were also able to buy an automatic compactor. It delivers continuous chest compressions to patients in cardiac arrest and can be set up in small, compact places.

Having this device allows them to do other things like deliver medicine or open an airway, increasing a patient’s chance of survival so much more.

“We have adequate personnel at our agency, but sometimes when space is a factor, you’re limited by how much space and how many people you can get into a vicinity or room,” said Firefighter/Paramedic Joshua Settlage. “Having this on and being able to get adequate compressions while two other people can fit in the room and do the jobs they need to do, is a game changer.”

The two devices cost $15,000 and were paid through Four for Life-Return state funds. This now fully equips all of their vehicles with the technology.

The automatic compactor comes with two batteries that officials said could last upwards of 90 minutes. There’s also an option to plug in for electricity. It can operate simultaneously with an AED.

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