Radford High School brings graduation to dad

RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ) Most high school seniors can't wait for graduation, but Radford High School's Destiny Robins had a big reason to want the big day to come sooner rather than later.

Between ages 15 and 16, she found out her dad had bone cancer. She says he's been a fighter, but over the past couple of months, the disease has gained the upper hand.

"It just kept getting worse," Destiny Robins said.

Confined to his bed and barely able to move, Randy Robins says some days are better than others.

"It's not easy that's for sure."

That's why Radford high school's assistant principal and some teachers dressed up in their caps and gowns to surprise Randy with the opportunity to see his daughter get her diploma. They say this ceremony will always be special.

"Graduations kind of come and go, but this one we'll always remember," assistant principal, Darden Freeman said.

And when WDBJ7 showed Randy the video, it was pride, not pain, in his eyes.

"She worked hard for that. I'm glad she got it," Randy Robins said.

Despite all the lessons she's learned in school, one lesson is best taught by Dad.

"He's taught me that no matter what I go through I can always depend on God because he's still depending on God," Destiny Robins said. "And if he can, no matter what I go through, I can as well."