UPDATE: RU confirms that 15 of the 17 arrested for hazing were students

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Radford City Police Department

Radford University has confirmed that 15 of the 17 suspected for hazing were University students.

Here is the full statement from Radford University

"Radford University can confirm that 15 students were charged Dec. 13 as a result of a City of Radford Police Department investigation into alleged illegal activity by a former campus-affiliated, student-based group. The charges include hazing, purchasing alcohol for one to whom they may not be sold and maintaining common nuisances."

"On October 13, 2017, Radford University officials were informed that a student sustained serious injuries allegedly in conjunction with an unsanctioned membership pledging process at an off-campus residence during the overnight of September 14-15, 2017. The alleged incident involves possible activities of a former campus-affiliated, student-based group that had its charter revoked by a national organization and was dismissed by Radford University in June 2016. The dismissal of the student group was the direct result of previous violations of Radford University’s Standards of Student Conduct and criminal convictions from hazing incidents that occurred in the spring 2016."

"Upon receipt of this most recent allegation, Radford University made contact with the student and immediately contacted the City of Radford Police Department, as the alleged activity occurred off campus. Additionally, the University has provided continuous support for the student throughout the investigation."

"This alleged activity is abjectly reprehensible and not reflective of our university. The University has been and will continue to cooperate with the police in their investigation. As facts are established from the police investigation, any Radford students found in violation of the Standards of Student Conduct will be held fully accountable. Possible student conduct charges may include hazing, endangering conduct and alcohol violation. Possible sanctions may include warning, probation, suspension or dismissal."


Police have arrested 17 in connection to a hazing incident in Radford.

Police received the call on September 14 responding to the 1200 block of Downey St.

Officials say the arrests are related to a previously executed search warrant.

Two separate warrants were executed during the arrest process.

Those who were arrested are as follows:

• Kyle Dennis Best, 20, of Haymarket, VA
• Christopher Blair Gepford, 22, of Centreville, VA
• Matthew Dylan Thomas, 21, of Haymarket, VA
• Caleb Lorenzo Howard, 19, of Manassas, VA
• Joshua Ko, 19, of Fairfax, VA
• Luke Everett Andress, 19, of Vienna, VA
• Matthew Stuart Wedel, 20, of Manassas, VA
• Jason Nicholas Wheeler, 21, of Fairfax Station
• Carlos Escobar, 23, of Alexandria, VA
• Joseph Andrew Sible, 22, of Arlington, VA
• Trever Vaughn Stanford, 22, of Hamilton, VA
• Justin Patrick Hooper, 20, of Ashburn, VA
• Marcel Terrence Gough, 20, of Herndon, VA
• Samuel Kent Harris, 22, of Gainesville, VA
• Hunter David Hanes, 19, of Roanoke, VA
• Clayton Marshall O'Neill, 21, of Herndon, VA
• Jacob A. Tucker, 21, of Stafford, VA

Police say they were arrested for charges of hazing, purchasing alcoholic beverages for one to whom they may not be sold and maintaining common nuisances.

This incident is still under investigation at this time.

Anyone with information on this case should contact police.