Radford fans react to team's first ever March Madness win

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) At the Radford Macado's, dozens of patrons packed the restaurant with one shared purpose: to watch Radford's men's basketball team take on Long Island University-Brooklyn.

Alumnus Kevin Jones says he's watched the excitement grow over the past season.

"I was at the game last week. The stadium was packed full, and it was spring break," Jones said. "The whole community has gotten all into it. It has been one heck of a trip for them this year."

The Highlander faithful watched as their team flashed across the screen. There's handwringing at times, but with a steady lead over LIU-Brooklyn, worries turn to cheers and fans got on their feet high-fiving one another.

"It's brought everybody together," grad student Rachel Alley said. "Not only on the campus, but also everybody else in the community because it's one common cause to support our team."

And on what will carry the Highlanders through as they face powerhouse Villanova? Jones has a theory; "They're young. They're eager, and they're hungry," he said.

And so are the fans -- hungry for a chance to make history.

The Highlanders next stop on the N-C-AA tourney journey in Pittsburgh Thursday, March 15, taking on Villanova. If Radford wins, it would be the first time a 16-seed has beaten a team in the #1 position.