Radford students on alert following blow dart attack near campus

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Radford Police were still on the lookout Monday for a suspect who shot a man Saturday night with a blow dart.

Students on and around campus were back in class Monday, but it's left some of them shaken.

Police say the car that shot the blow dart was driving South on Tyler Avenue. There are several apartments and townhouses right along the road where students live, right across the street from campus.

Those students are still shocked after seeing emergency crews responded to the man around 9:15 pm Saturday.

"That's crazy!" Radford Junior Clare McMurry said. "I've never heard of anything like this, but you're in a college town, everyone goes to the beat of a drum. You never know what you're going to get out here."

Radford University Police sent an email out to students alerting them of the situation. But some students didn't seen that notice.

After learning what happened, they admit, they're nervous.

University Senior Delaney Jones explained, "It's scary knowing that could happen at any time, I mean I could have been walking with my dog and have it happen."

What's worse, these students say, is the attack happened at night. Knowing they could have easily been walking back from campus or from a night out right when the dart was shot, has them considering how to look out for themselves moving forward.

Senior Sydney Chervenic said, "I was out with a group of people and we happen to see the police officer take care of everything, so luckily we were able to be notified right away, but definitely being more cautious, definitely making sure we're in groups and stuff."

"A lot of things have been happening, especially on Tyler," Junior Sonya Fessehaye added. "I'm kind of scared to go home but then again I always have a friend walk me home. He's always like, 'Don't go by yourself,' and I'm like, 'Alright cool.' So I just call him and he come out here and he takes me home."

Radford Police there's been no update in their investigation, officers are still on the lookout for a silver or other light-colored car .

As for the person who was hurt, he's expected to be OK.

Police are still asking anyone with information on this situation to contact Officer M.L. Mansdoerfer at 540-731-3624.