Rains recharge Carvins Cove

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BOTETOURT CO., Va. (WDBJ7) On a blustery afternoon in Botetourt County, the ducks had CarvIns Cove all to themselves, but when the boaters return, they'll find more water and less exposed shoreline.

Since last Monday, says Western Virginia Water Authority Public Relations Manager Sarah Baumgardner, the water level in the reservoir has risen by almost four feet.

"Actually that's about 610 million gallons of water we've added in the past week," Baumgardner told WDBJ7.

The Dam at Carvins Cove was built in 1928.

The first of two tunnels was completed in 1966, diverting water from Tinker Creek.

As a result, periods of sustained rainfall can recharge the reservoir very quickly.

"Historically during February, the Cove is about four and a half feet low," Baumgardner explained. "The last couple of weeks we've been closer to eight feet low. With this rain we've gotten, we're back up to the normal level. It's only three point two feet low right now."

Carvins Cove is shaped like a bowl, wider at the top than the bottom.
So it's going to take a bit more time, and more rainfall before it's back to full pond.