Randolph College adjusts fall semester plans

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 2:57 PM EDT
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Students at

will not go back to campus this fall after Thanksgiving break, in an effort to reduce the risk of taking coronavirus back to school.

Along with starting the semester a week earlier than previously planned, students will begin their Thanksgiving breaks earlier, November 21. This will eliminate a fall break. Students will return to their homes, rather than campus after classes November 20, and complete final exams virtually.

“This schedule allows us to conduct the majority of classes on campus and eliminates the risks associated with students traveling away from campus and returning shortly after, potentially bringing the coronavirus back with them. It also allows us to avoid having students on campus during what many expect will be a high-risk time in terms of both COVID-19 and the flu,” says President Bradley W. Bateman.

According to the school, the fall semester will see the following adjustments: Aug. 20: New student move-in Aug. 24: Classes begin Nov. 20: Last day of classes before Thanksgiving break/Students return home for the semester Nov. 21-29: Thanksgiving break After Thanksgiving: online exams

Details are still developing regarding when SUPER and STAR students and international students will return to campus. Randolph is awaiting conference decisions before making announcements about resuming athletic operations.

Those looking for more information regarding Randolph College's response to COVID-19 can visit


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