Residents ask city for action after latest Northwest Roanoke Shooting

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ROANOKE Va (WDBJ7) Friday night, all was quiet on Orange avenue. But just 24 hours earlier, police were racing to the scene of a shooting at the corner of Orange and 8th Street. Now some residents are asking the city to take action.

"This is one of the busiest strips. And it's negativity all day long," said
Maurice Jones.

Jones has family up and down Orange Avenue. He's here all the time he says, driving relatives from one place to another. And during his visits, Jones says he sees scenes like this far too often.

"Same thing from Lafayette to here, from Staunton to here, from 8th street to here from 11th street to here," he said.

And it's a problem he says isn't going away.

"I think it's getting worse, and I think it'll get even worse than what it is now," said Jones.

So far this year, there have been at least 11 shootings in Roanoke.
Two have happened within just blocks of the intersection of Orange and 8th, including Thursday night's shooting.

Police say when they responded about 10:30 pm, they found a man with a gunshot wound. He was taken to Carillion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

"Everybody's starving. There's not enough employment. There's not enough after school activities for children," said Maurice Jones.

For Jones, the path to change runs through the city. Officials, he says, need to get involved in this Northwest community

"To come out. I mean to raise money. To start programs to get children in after school programs. To get young adults to work," he said.

This is still an ongoing investigation. Police ask anyone with more information to come forward.