Residents of Melrose Avenue home seached by police react to damage left behind

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 7:31 PM EDT
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There’s not much left of the screen door that used to be attached to the front of 1324 Melrose Avenue. That’s because Sunday night, Roanoke city police officers and S.W.A.T members tore through it when they forced their way inside. They were looking for 17-year-old Ozmeik Clements, wanted for first-degree murder.

"I don't even know the young man he was looking for. When he knocked on the door to tell me the young man that needed to come out, I said, "I don't know what you're talking about." He told me, "I know he's in there, go get him,"' said Aaron Reynolds, a resident of 1324 Melrose Avenue. Aaron lives at the house with his wife, Cathy, and their children.

According to Reynolds, officers were persistent, but left to get a search warrant. Reynolds said they left their door open the entire time.

"Never seen the kid before, couldn't point him out," said Cathy Reynolds.

Cathy Reynolds does, however, know another person police are very familiar with. Cathy's stepson, Darreonta Reynolds, lives with her in the home. He was on trial for murder just last week and was acquitted of all charges.

Cathy could be seen sitting next to her stepson in court when he was found not guilty. That's because she is an attorney and worked on his legal team.

"This would call for immediate disbarment of my law license and on top of that I didn't even harbor my own stepson. I made him go downtown and give a voluntary statement," said Cathy.

When police came back to the house with a search warrant, they forced entry into the Reynolds home and caused significant damage. WDBJ7 was allowed inside to see the mess left from officers rummaging through drawers, pulling appliances from the wall, and disconnecting various cords.

"They intimidate me, if you know what I'm saying. I don't know how to feel right now," said Aaron Reynolds.

Roanoke police spokesperson Caitlyn Cline confirmed police were searching for Ozmeik Clements and said he was not located Sunday night.

"My reputation was tarnished yesterday for absolutely no reason at all," said Cathy Reynolds.

Cathy plans to file a complaint with the Roanoke Police Department for defamation of character.

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