Residents of tornado struck Pulaski County neighborhood frustrated by onlookers

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BELSPRING, Va. (WDBJ7) People in Pulaski County are continuing to clean up after Monday's tornado.

Neighbors along Depot Road in Belspring, where the tornado landed, said they have a separate issue to deal with: onlookers coming to view damage.

People were traveling down the street Tuesday and Wednesday, not to help but to look.

The biggest issue, neighbors said, is the narrow width of their street.

Jessica Plunkett lives on Depot Road with her husband and two children.

"This is a one lane road and when you have another vehicle coming head-on at you, you have to actually pull out into your neighbor's yard," Plunkett said. "Several times I've had to pull off because other people are coming to try to look at the damage that's happened."

With more cars on the small road, it makes it harder for crews to remove trees or for people living there to start to rebuild.

Russell Gordon, who lives next door to Plunkett, said, "We try to welcome people, but it is a time in which you need to consider the neighborhood and the things that our neighborhood is going through at this time."

Dozens of cars were going up and down the road in the hour WDBJ7 was on scene. And it's a dead end, so cars were turning around in someone's driveway to look at all the damage.

But there is one way these neighbors would be happy to have people onto their street while they clean up.

"It wouldn't bother me at all to get a little bit of help down here," Plunkett said. "Just try not to come here just to look at something. We're already, kind of, grieving over the loss of certain things."

Gordon said he was still thankful for people's prayers and thoughts. But he asked people to give the area at least one week before coming to see it.

Plunkett added if people really want to see the damage, watch the news to see it, as to not crowd the area during clean up.

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