Proposed revisions to parks & rec master plan include skate park

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 7:26 PM EDT
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City Council has passed the Roanoke City Parks and Recreation Master Plan that includes items addressing the skate park concerns.

A brand new facilty will be built in the five-ten year category timetable of the plan.


It isn't hard to find the flaws in Roanoke's current skate park, but with the Wasena Bridge above it slated for replacement, and other important parks and recreation projects competing for limited dollars, a new skate park wasn't a priority.

After advocates spoke out at a recent city council meeting, Roanoke is acknowledging the need.

"It is the city's intent to have the skate park as part of our future Parks and Recreation programs and capital projects," Assistant City Manager Brian Townsend told WDBJ7 Friday afternoon.

On Monday, City Council will consider revisions to the Master Plan that include the skate park.

"It is not a top priority in the plan," Townsend said, "but it is included in the next five to ten years as a project that we would foresee as taking place as funding is available."

Exactly what that will mean, and when we might see a new facility, is still unclear.

But representatives of the Roanoke Skate Park Initiative offered a positive response on Friday.

"The Initiative thinks it’s great that Parks and Rec and the City Manager recognized the needs of the community and have started steps towards facilitating a new skate park," a representative of the group said. "And we look forward to working with them to make the plan even bigger and better."