Update: Puppies left in landfill are still up for adoption

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An update to two dogs in Martinsville left for dead in a landfill.

They are still looking for their forever homes, hopefully in time for the holidays.

We introduced you to Winnie and Dash back in August after the puppies were rescued.

They've made quite the transformation and are up for adoption with the Martinsville SPCA.

Workers there hope the dogs' breed doesn't turn away anyone looking for a loving companion.

"They are Pits, which is really American Staffordshire Terriers. She is actually 100%, per her DNA test. He is a little bit mixed, but they are sweet, just like the breed is supposed to be," says Martinsville/Henry County SPCA Board Member, Alice Ann Blevins.

The SPCA urges anyone interested in meeting Winnie or Dash to contact them.

UPDATED 10/5/2017

Remember the dogs that were found in a Henry County landfill?
Well, they're doing better than ever!

Aragorn and Eowyn have come a long way since they were found.

The once malnourished puppies, that could barely walk, now can run and play.

The SPCA posted some cute pictures the other day announcing they're ready to find their forever homes.

"They do kind of have their particularities and what they like and what they don't like, what homes they will fit best into, so we are being a little bit picky about their adoptions," says Catherine Gupton with the SPCA.

The SPCA does think it would be best for the dogs to go to separate homes.

The SPCA is requiring the dogs continue obedience training that they have already started.

If you're interested in adopting one of the dogs you can either visit the SPCA in person to fill out an adoption application, or go to their website to fill one out at http://www.spcamhc.org/.

Applications can be emailed to shelter@spcamhc.org.


The two puppies that were found in a landfill in Henry County are doing much better tonight.

They've started water therapy.Both of them are actually able to walk now.

They've put on several pounds each, and in addition to the water therapy, they also work with their foster mom on range of motion.

"They look like totally different, amazing dogs and it's just gratifying to see being from what we saw when they came in that Saturday afternnon, to what they are now. It's just a night and day difference," says Catherine Gupton with the SPCA.

The SPCA says both dogs still have a long way to go, but they are doing much better.


Two puppies found in a Henry County landfill are on their way to recovery.

Both of them have put on some weight. The girl dog, Eowyn, is with a medical foster because she needs constant attention, but the boy dog, Aragorn, is at the SPCA.

The boy weighed 14.6 pounds, and the girl weighed 13.6 when they first came to the SPCA on July 29 suffering from severe starvation and malnutrition.

Now, they're improving. The male weights 17.4 and the female weighs just over 15 pounds.

The male is able to walk on his own, even though he's a little wobbly and has some vision issues.

"He does bump into things, most especially if the lights are off," says Catherine Gupton with the SPCA.

His sister is in medical foster, because she needs to be monitored 24/7, but she did pay a visit to the SPCA on Thursday.

Her appetite is better, but she still can't stand on her own.

"To do any kind of movement with her legs you do have to physically move her legs for her. We don't know at this point if she's ever going to be able to walk," says Gupton.

The main goal of the SPCA is to get the pups healthy, so they can be adopted, but aside from that, they want to find out who did this.

"Everybody is very involved with this case, so they're very anxious to see a good outcome for them," says Gupton.

The SPCA says the public has been calling in several tips about who may have done this, but the animal control officers are handling the investigation.

They also say they have had several adoption requests, but they can't look at any of that until the dogs are healthy.


A reward is being offered after two puppies were found abandoned and starved.

A man found them Saturday at a Henry County Landfill, and rushed them to the local SPCA.

The Martinsville-Henry County SPCA says they handle skinny puppies pretty frequently. But what came in Saturday, they were not prepared for.

"We were shocked! We were beyond shocked! The puppies, their body condition was absolutely terrible. They couldn't stand up, they couldn't support their own weight," said Catherine Gupton, Donor Relations.

The near five month old puppies were taken to an emergency veterinarian in Chatham. One still can't stand on her own. The other is able to move.

The vet at Cherrystone Veterinary Hospital says the two are 20 to 30 pounds underweight for their age. Both of the dogs jaws were clamped shut, a rare condition related to starvation. And being found in a landfill, they needed to be tested for poisoning.

"They've been tested for rat bait and antifreeze, and they're both negative for both of those, thankfully. So now it's really just a matter of getting them propped up to the point where they can function on their own," Gupton said.

The SPCA deals with mistreated dogs, but with how severe this case is, the organization wants answers.

"I've been here six years and I've never, ever seen an animal that could not stand up on it's own from malnutrition and neglect and being severely starved," Gupton said.

So the SPCA is offering a reward for information about the two dogs and what may have happened to them.

"If they've been in a house, if they know what house, who the owner is, how long they've been under the care, and if they've been missing, how long they've been missing?" Gupton asked.

The dogs have been named after members of the Lord of the Rings universe. Aragorn and Eowyn are two strong willed characters, which is what these puppies need to be. Hopefully in about a week, they can return here and someday, find a loving home.

The person that found the puppies is a student at a local veterinary school. He says he is considering adopting the two dogs when they get stronger.