Road construction alters plans for Lynchburg Veteran's Day Parade

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Road construction is blocking plans for Lynchburg's first Veteran's Day parade in 80 years.

The Lynchburg Area Veterans Council was hoping to honor military veterans with a parade November 5.

Their preferred route through downtown is blocked by an ongoing project to replace underground utilities.

City leaders offered the group an alternative on Langhorne Road, but the route runs just over half a mile long and organizers say that's not long enough.

"When you have 1,200 people who want to be in the parade to honor all of the veterans, that's a lot of people and there is just not going to be enough room," said Mike Brady, a member of the Lynchburg Area Veterans Council.

The Veterans Council will meet Wednesday to discuss alternative plans. If another location can not be found, they may have to postpone the parade until 2017.