Roanoke City Council announces Try Transit Week

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Roanoke City is backing its buses. Next week they are challenging you to park your car and take a seat on public transportation.

Sarah Taylor has been riding the Valley Metro bus most of her life.

"I love it, you can't go wrong catching the bus," Taylor Bus said.

A few things she likes best are its convenience and price.

"It's cheap, I mean you don't even have to pay insurance or anything like that, you can just pay $1.75 and it'll take you wherever you need to go," Taylor said.

She's in full support of Roanoke City Council, the Roanoke Transit Company, and RIDE Solution's announcement of Try Transit Week.

"I think that's a great idea," Taylor said.

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation organized this statewide event to encourage citizens to try out local transportation.

Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb spoke at a press conference to help kick off the week--happening September 16th through the 20th.

"It gets fewer cars on the road so it helps reduce traffic, the buses run very promptly, the biggest challenge I think, if you're used to riding the car everywhere, is just adjusting your schedule," Cobb said.

He knows what that's like because he says he now rides the bus often.

"I started riding the bus more frequently about a month ago," Cobb said.

He donated his car and now decides on a day-to-day basis if he should ride the bus, walk, or bike to his destination.

"It's a great way to see the city, it's a great way to talk with people and hear their life story," Cobb added.

Councilman Bill Bestpitch also voiced his support.

"The quickest way for us to raise more revenue to improve the service, expand our hours, and all the rest of that, is to get more riders, so the more riders we can get, the more revenue that brings in and the better service we can provide," Roanoke City Council member, Bestpitch, said.

He says the transit company is working toward moving the Campbell Court transfer facility to a better location and re-routing the buses to where they're most needed.