Roanoke City Council to consider extension on sale of Fire Station No. 1

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) The developers who hope to renovate Fire Station Number One are asking the city of Roanoke for an extension, while state officials complete a review of the building's historic features.

The city says representatives of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources have visited the site to catalogue items that are historically significant, but they haven't completed work on a preservation easement.

Marc Nelson is Special Projects Coordinator in Roanoke's Department of Economic Development.

"This building is very important to the citizens of Roanoke, and to the region," Nelson told WDBJ7. "Quite often we have people express to us how much they love that building and admire it. And so it's important to us as it transitions from pubic to private hands that the various historic features are preserved."

Next week, City Council will consider an amendment to the sales contract that would extend the closing date until the end of September.