Roanoke City honors music producer with "808-Ray Day"

ROANOKE, VA. (WDBJ7) - A man who began producing music from his bedroom as a teenager growing up in Roanoke City has now been honored with his very own day.

Rayshon Cobbs, known professionally as 808-Ray, has been honored with a Proclamation from Roanoke City marking July 5 as 808-Ray Day. Cobbs, who works in a music studio in Florida, returned to Roanoke at the beginning of the month for the occasion.

Cobbs told WDBJ7 his mom had contacted a while ago him about the honor.

"At first I shied away from it a little," Cobbs said. "After heavy thinking, I accepted it!"

Cobbs said Vice Mayor Joe Cobb presented the proclamation at Cobbs' father's church Forest Park which is the church Cobbs grew up in. He said his family also delivered heartfelt messages of support.

"A lot of my family were there," Cobbs said. "It felt really good feeling the love from them,"

Cobbs said his award is not just an honor for him, but said it's a win for the whole community.

"I thank God for all of the people he put in my life," Cobbs said. "I'm grateful for where I'm from, thankful for all the love from Roanoke!"

Cobbs' work is reaching more hip-hop listeners each year. In February Cobbs was recognized after he helped produce several tracks on Beyonce and Jay-Zs surprise album "Everything is Love."

The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and earned the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

He's credited with tracks for star artists like Nas and D-J Khaled -which MTV called a stand out. He gained the attention of music producers Cool and Dre after asking for their feedback years ago. Eventually they took him on and made him part of Epidemic Music. Now he works out of a studio in Miami, which is where he helped collaborate on the Grammy award winning album.

Recently Cobbs said he did a track with Fat Joe, Dre of Cool&Dre and Lil Wayne called Pullin' from an album they have called Family Ties which Cobbs said is coming soon.