Roanoke Co. police investigating summer case of credit card fraud

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ROANOKE CO., Va. (WDBJ7) Police are investigating a case of credit card fraud and reminding card holders to stay vigilant.

Shayne Dwyer/WDBJ7

Police say a man gave a fake ID and and a counterfeit card with real numbers to get a $5,000 cash advance. It happened at a Bank of Botetourt earlier this summer, but the bank didn't learn it was bad information until a few weeks ago. Police believe he's local.

"He looked comfortable and going into Bank of Botetourt being a small regional type bank out on Challenger Avenue I just think he's familiar with the area," Commander David McMillan of the Roanoke County Police Department said.

Police say credit card fraud is an almost routine crime now. People should keep their information safe and watch out for credit card skimmers