Roanoke County Police Department helps businesses with governor's Executive Order

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 4:07 PM EDT
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Across Virginia, people are

. Roanoke County Police Department is urging all businesses to post signs outside their doors regarding where they stand with the governor's order.

To wear a mask or to not wear a mask in public is just one of the many things the United States is divided on right now. The governor's executive order to wear masks is mandatory, but not criminal, which Roanoke County Police Chief Hall says is a slippery slope.

"That comes with a number of exceptions, some of which are pretty broad and specifically the governor says that law enforcement will not be enforcing this order," said Chief Hall.

Some of the mask exceptions include: While eating or drinking, while exercising, If you have trouble breathing or cannot remove the mask yourself, and if you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.

"We do not encourage them to confront people who might not be wearing a mask, one, because that is a point of potential conflict, and we have seen in other states some conflict occur," said Chief Hall.

In downtown Roanoke, Chocolate Paper is just one of the many businesses requiring customers to wear masks while they shop inside. They're even selling masks for seventy cents for customers who may not have one but still want to shop

"We felt like it was in the best interest for our store, our employees, our customers and our products that we need to require masks," said co-owner Melissa Palmer.

There's no questioning whether they require masks with the sign outside their front door, which is a good example of what Chief Hall is asking businesses to do.

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