Roanoke County Public Schools host parenting workshop about cell phone use

RONAOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Roanoke County school leaders want to teach parents and students some best practices for using smartphones. The school system is teaming up with the Prevention Council of Roanoke County and Common Sense Media for a series of workshops.


The goal is to help parents understand the challenges and potential issues connected with smartphones and social media. Experts will touch on the link between smartphone use and mental health.

"Does my child, my elementary or middle school-aged child needs one of these," said Chuck Lionberger of Roanoke County Public Schools. "Are they ready for a smartphone and all that a smartphone comes with. It especially means social media. Some of the information that we will share at these various workshops will be eye opening."

The first of the five workshops is Monday, March 12th. It will start at 6:30 at Glenvar Middle School.