Roanoke County Sheriff's Office offers firearms safety classes

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. There's a lot of talk right now about gun control. But for families, the discussion starts at home.

Citizens learn about firearms safety

The Roanoke County Sheriff's Office has been offering a firearms safety and awareness class for over a year now.

"You never know what you might come into contact with, even if you're not someone who chooses to own firearms yourself. You never know when you might be in situation where you happen upon one," says Roanoke County Sheriff Eric Orange.

Sheriff Orange says the fact is, even if your family doesn't own a gun, your child may visit a family who does.

By taking the safety class, you can offer your child tips on what to do, if they ever encounter a firearm.

"Go get an adult. Don't touch it. If they're placed in a situation where they have to handle it, this is what you can safely do. This is how you can put it away, put it on safe, put it in a location where others can't get to it type of thing" says Sheriff Orange.

The firearms safety class is taught in a four- hour block by certified firearms instructors.

It covers safe handling, safe storage, proper manipulation, and also cleaning and maintenance.

The next classes are scheduled for March 5th and April 11th at the Roanoke County Jail.

There's a limit of 18 people per class.

The Roanoke County Sheriff's Department does ask that anyone who attends the class make a donation of 10 non- perishable food items, that will be re- distributed to the community.

You'll find a link to sign up for the class to the right of this story.