UPDATE: Man in jail after standoff with Roanoke police

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The Roanoke Police have confirmed that the man in yesterday’s standoff has been taken to the Roanoke County Jail.

Officials have identified the male as 30-year-old Derek Besase of Roanoke County.

Police say when they arrived at the residence on the 5200 block of Quail Hollow Circle, they attempted to communicate with Besase, but he refused to answer the door.

After unsuccessful efforts of communication, the County SWAT was called to the scene to assist.

Officials say that at around 11 p.m. they heard a gunshot from within the residences.

Police say they saw Besase moving around in the house and it appeared that he was attempting to barricade the doors.

SWAT then deployed chemical agents into the house causing Besase to come out of the residence.

Police say that when Besase came out onto the rear deck of the house, he was carrying a rifle and fired multiple shots in the air before throwing the gun down into the yard at around 11:45 p.m.

Besase proceeded to scream at the officers, but eventually came off the deck and into the back yard.

Officials said they were then able to subdue Besase at around 11:50 p.m.

Besase was taken to the Roanoke County Jail and is charged with possession of firearm by a felon, discharging a firearm in a residence and nine misdemeanor charges including: nine assaults, brandishing a firearm, reckless handling of a firearm and several property damage charges.

This case is being investigated at this time and additional charges are pending.


Roanoke County police have released more details about an incident in the North Lakes area.

Authorities say the situation started just before 7:00 p.m. on Monday night, in the 5200 block of Quail Hollow Circle.

A male resident apparently threatened family members, vandalized vehicles and threatened a neighbor with a knife.

After that, police say he retreated inside his home.

Police secured the area around the house, blocking off several streets.

WDBJ7 is told family members are safe and they are no longer inside the home.

Right now police are attempting to make contact with the man.

They are asking people to avoid the area and asking nearby residents to stay indoors.

The area is secure but the suspect is still in the home.

Roanoke County police are on the scene of an incident.

Dispatch confirms it's happening in the North Springs Drive area.

People living nearby have received phone calls and text messages alerting them to stay indoors.

WDBJ7 has a crew headed to the scene to get more information.

Stay with us for updates on this developing story.