Roanoke County students, parents react to Cave Spring High School changes next year

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7) There are upset parents and students in Roanoke County. It comes after the school division announced Cave Spring High School will close next year while it undergoes renovations. Students will have to go to other schools.

It's been a frustrating day for many inside Cave Spring High School.

Emily Scott, Parent, said, “It hurts my heart.”

And outside, too. Emily Scott says she was blindsided with Tuesday's news.

“It just threw me for a loop,” said Scott. “And I think that's what a lot of parents are feeling.”

Her oldest son is a rising senior -- who will be forced to go to Hidden Valley High School next year while Cave Spring is being renovated.

Scott said, “Is this the only choice? Are we rushing to a decision, is there an option for us to take a step back?”

Olivia Tull, Student, said, “I'm very upset becuse I think it takes away a lot of our school identity.”

Olivia Tull will be a rising senior, too.
She's upset the school nixed plans to put trailers out on Cave Spring's campus next year.

Tull said, “I don't think I would mind trailers if I was here. I really don't.”

Elizabeth Hertzberg, Student, said, “As Knights we ride together and if we're in trailers we're in trailers together.”

Elizabeth Hertzberg and some of her friends were so upset that they made an online petition. It has more than 500 signatures after one day.

Hertzberg said, “Especially the seniors - we really want our own school next year and it won't be the same if we're at a different place.”

The school says the choice to move Cave Spring to Hidden Valley next year is safer, cheaper and gets the project done faster.

“This just doesn't feel right,” said Scott.

Scott doesn't want a fast decision to be the wrong one.

She said, “Is there another option we could explore to make both sides happy?

There's a school board meeting scheduled for next Tuesday evening. Parents and students expect a large showing there.