Roanoke Fire Station 7 is on track to be finished by the end of the year

Published: May. 26, 2020 at 9:28 PM EDT
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It's been six months since Fire Station 7 in Grandin Village was demolished, and it's on track to be finished by December, or early January, at the latest.

The construction site is covered with mud, equipment and nails. The foundation is intact and several walls are up, and according to Chief Hoback, Fire Station 7 is on track to being completed on time.

"The old station was like 4200 square feet, this station will be 16,000 square feet, so it's really grown in size as it relates to what it will be able to accommodate for what the fire service needs in the Raleigh court community," said Chief Hoback.

Quadruple the size, and the amenities.

The old station 7 built a century ago just wasn't equipped to handle present-day needs, including women.

"This station will be able to accommodate females in the station, it will have restrooms and sleeping quarters to accommodate it and after this station, we will only have one station left with some restrictions about doing that."

In addition to the size and fewer restrictions, one of the prominent features, easy to see without walls up, are the three bays.

According to Hoback, the old bays were just not large enough for modern trucks.

Another feature Hoback is excited about: lower level showers.

"They will be able to take a shower right off the bay, get gross decontamination, and then go up, and that's a cancer prevention and kind of a disinfecting way for us to not contaminate the bunk rooms," said Hoback.

But with all of the new and the exciting, it's hard not to reminisce on the old.

"It was very emotional for everyone to see the old station taken down."

A piece of history for the Roanoke community that is not being replaced, just renewed.

"We're carrying what was in the old station forward, the characteristics of the old station forward, and make this station reflect the community, that's what I'm most proud about. And we're doing that," said Hoback.

Hoback added that the beloved Trojan Dog will return outside station 7, but for now the dog sits outside the Raleigh Court library.

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