Roanoke Police Department featured in new Law Enforcement Museum

Published: Oct. 31, 2018 at 5:41 PM EDT
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A brand new museum in our nation's capital features Roanoke front and center.

The Museum gives credit to the Roanoke Police Department and other local groups for work done taking what once was a hot-spot for crime and turning it into a hot plate to feed an entire community.

"How do you as a police department, and how do you as a community with all the mistrust and barriers and perceptions on both sides of the fence, how do you break those down?"

That is part of the Welcome Video greeting visitors to Washington DC's new Law Enforcement Museum.

One of the voices you hear may be a familiar one.

"I never thought I would find my face on a 60-foot screen in a national law enforcement museum," said RIck Morrison, a retired Captain of the Roanoke Police Department.

But there he is, along with other community leaders who helped turn an old nightclub in Roanoke's Northwest neighborhood into the Community Solutions Center.

It now offers culinary education to Northwest Roanoke's adults and free food for kids.

"(The filmmaker) hones in on some communities that were doing something extraordinary," said Rebecca Looney, Senior Director of Exhibits.

Looney said the filmmaker chose to feature Roanoke as one of five agencies nationwide for work engaging the community - showcasing the museum's essential mission.

"We want to strengthen that bond between community and law enforcement," she said.

Morrison is now more hands-on with the Community Solutions Center than he is with criminals.

And while the video is interesting, the work done in the Community Solutions Center is what he feels is the thing to exhibit.

"That's the greatest legacy that I could ever leave is when you impact students who impact their families who can impact their community," Morrison said. "That's the legacy that I want to leave in Roanoke."