Roanoke man arrested in hit-and-run death of woman

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -- According to Roanoke PD, "Roanoke Police have identified and arrested Gene Gallimore, 59 of Roanoke, and charged him with the February 13, 2019 felony hit and run of Linda Pierson. Gallimore is also charged with not having an operator's license."


Roanoke police are still looking for a truck they believe was involved in a hit-and-run death of Linda Pierson Wednesday night. She worked in the kitchen at the Roanoke City Jail. She was killed while crossing the street at the intersection of 5th street and Campbell Avenue South-West.

A family woman, a woman of God--that's how the people who knew Linda Pierson described her.

Cindy Starkey is a friend of Pierson's from growing up.

"Perfect is not the word for Linda because nobody is perfect, but she was as close as you're going to get, she was just a nice person," Starkey said.

Pierson's former neighbor, Dwayne Johnson, speaks just as highly of Pierson. He said, "When you think about Linda, you can't even come up with anything negative, she was just an extraordinary woman, and that smile just would light up a room, she was just amazing."

Johnson said Pierson was known in the neighborhood for two things in particular.

"She was a hairdresser, and she used to do the whole entire neighborhood's hair, all the women in the neighborhood, she was responsible for doing their hair, and one of the other things that I think a lot of people forgot is that Linda loved Tennis, she loved playing Tennis," Johnson said.

Starkey was one of those girls who had Pierson do her hair. She said, "She kept my hair done, I looked absolutely wonderful when I was hanging around her."

58-year-old Pierson died after a hit-and-run collision Wednesday night at an intersection in downtown Roanoke at 5th Street and Campbell Avenue Southwest.

She was a mother and grandmother who was devoted to her religion.

Johnson said, "She was dedicated to the church, and was always doing missionary work, so was spiritual, and having a relationship with God was at the top of one of her priorities."

Her loss is hitting the community hard.

"When good people leave this Earth you just feel a void," Johnson said.

Starkey added, "There is nothing bad that you can say about Linda Wallace."