UPDATE: Father of missing 3-month-old indicted for concealing dead body

Published: Nov. 16, 2018 at 8:29 PM EST
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Father of missing three-month-old, Arieanna Day, has been indicted by a grand jury for concealing a dead body.

Original Story:

Roanoke Police revealed new details tonight on their investigation into the disappearance of an infant.

You may remember 3-month-old Arieanna Day was reported missing on September 11. Police believe she is dead.

Roanoke Police held a news conference with the Montgomery County sheriff's office which has been part of this investigation.

"The truth surrounding Arieanna's disappearance is known to someone in our communities," said Chief of Police Tim Jones. "Three-month-old Arieanna cannot speak for herself. Someone needs to speak for her."

Chief Jones said Friday they have not yet been able to find Arieanna Day's remains.

Her mother reported her missing in September. Since then, the child's father, Andrew Terry, has been arrested and police have searched in and around Montgomery County for the child's body. Terry remains a suspect.

The baby's mother, Jessica Day, is also a person of interest.

Both, were the last two people to see Arieanna alive.

Even though it's been two months since her disappearance, the investigation continues in what the chief called a difficult case.

"When you think it's Thanksgiving its time for family, we're soon into the Christmas season," he said. "There will be some little one not at the table this year. Because of something that someone who was vital to her safety or entrusted with her safety did. And we want to get to the bottom of that."

Jones said although search efforts have been hampered by periods of excessive rain, efforts to find Arieanna continued, and included the help of multiple agencies and volunteers.

On October 13, Jones said the investigation team used the servies of a forensic anthropologist from the University of Tennessee, Dr. Arpad Vass. Vass, he said, is part of the university's Law Enforcement Innovation Center for Public Service.

Jones said they are using Vass' new DNA technology to try to find Arieanna's remains, calling it "like a bloodhound on steroids." he chief said his team did find "samples" in the field that were sent to forensic labs, but would not disclose the types of items found.

When pressed, Jones said little about Andrew Terry and the circumstances surrounding his arrest.

Jones said any little bit of information on this case is helpful and implored the public to come forward, reminding them they could do so anonymously.