Roanoke Rescue Mission supervisor celebrates milestone

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 5:35 PM EDT
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One woman is celebrating four years of her new life. Veronica Reilly once spent time in jail, and now, she's helping women in similar situations.

"I'm not proud of my past but I'm proud of what I've overcome," Reilly, shelter supervisor at the Roanoke Rescue Mission, said.

Four years ago, Reilly was serving time in the Amherst County Jail.

"If you had told me my life would've taken this journey, I wouldn't believe it," she said.

But it's a journey that gave her the positive mindset she has now.

"Everyone falls down, but it's when you pick yourself back up, and I may fall down again, but I've learned to never give up, never lose my faith in God, and just keep pushing forward," Reilly said.

The Roanoke Rescue Mission played a large role in helping Reilly get back on her feet. She was hired after finishing her sentence, and has worked her way up.

"I can use what I've learned and where I come from to help the women here," she said.

This month, she's celebrating four years of success and her fairly new title: shelter supervisor.

"When a woman comes in and she tells me she is just out of a jail, I'm like, it's going to be okay, I've been there, and that is an amazing thing to just say, I can help you, let's sit down, and we'll go from here," Reilly said.

Rescue Mission staff say they're proud to see all Reilly has accomplished.

"Not only does she do a really good job at her work, but she makes significant connections with the guests, which is part of her story," Suzanne Cook, Women and Children's Center shelter manager, said.

Reilly wants her story to serve as one of inspiration and hope for others.

"People need hope," she said.

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