Roanoke Valley SPCA full with new arrivals

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The Roanoke Valley SPCA is now full since the arrival of several animals from a large rescue this week.

In January the national SPCA seized nearly 700 animals from an unlicensed facility in North Carolina - it's largest operation ever.

On Thursday, a team from Roanoke headed down and brought 15 animals back.

The SPCA closed the facility on Friday to prepare and get these animals ready for fostering.

Shortly after 12:00 p.m., two trucks arrived with four cats and eleven dogs.

Staff says all the animals were neglected, abused and have a variety different health problems.

"A lot of them were very undernourished," The Roanoke Valley SPCA's chief executive officer Denise Hayes tells us, "They were emaciated, so they may be a little protective of their food. They're not always used to loud noises so even things like the dryer buzzing may be startling to them."

The SPCA says the the good news is they have foster parents for all 15 animals. But they are still looking for pet owners to give them permanent homes.