Roanoke airport rolls out new security mandates from TSA

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Will you be flying anytime soon? The Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport is making some changes in the security line.

Officials from the airport and a spokesperson from the Transportation Security Administration demonstrated the changes Tuesday.

Lisa Farbstein, the spokesperson, said the TSA has new intelligence showing terrorists are getting better at putting bombs into electronic devices.

So now, during screening, travelers will need to pull all electronics bigger than a phone out of their luggage.

"If you've got a tablet, something like that, the idea is that the X-ray image will be very clear, it'll make sure this is indeed a tablet and that there's nothing concealed inside," Farbstein said. "Even something this thin, this narrow, could actually conceal a bomb."

TSA made the change last summer. Roanoke's airport has been implementing change for several weeks. This does not apply to TSA Pre-check approved fliers.