Roanoke businesses vandalized over the weekend

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Roanoke businesses near Franklin Road were vandalized over the weekend.

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Monday, shattered glass still outlined the spot where a delivery van window for George’s Flowers had been destroyed.

“This is just so senseless to damage property,” owner George Clements said.

An employee found the destruction Saturday morning.

“That’s just another bump in the road that we have got to get across to keep our business going,” Clements said.

A bump several businesses in this area of Roanoke are now hurtling over after finding damages this weekend.

“It’s just mean, it’s just absolutely mean,” Wayne’s Imported Automotive's Beverly Booth said.

Across the street from George’s, a large rock smashed through the window of a car owned by Wayne's Imported Automotive.

“It’s just been one thing right after another,” Booth said.

This isn’t the first time Wayne’s Imported has been targeted. Two weeks earlier a brick was thrown through the building’s window and those damages add up.

“We are looking at $2,000 for the front window, we are looking at another $500 in the window glass for the car,” Booth said.

Down the block on Brandon Avenue, Ideal Building Supply found their office door cracked by vandals this weekend.

These little hits pack a bigger punch now that businesses everywhere are feeling the impacts from the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a time like I’ve said where we have all taken a knee and this is just adding insult to injury,” Ideal Building Supply Branch Manager Travis Justus said.

Both George’s and Wayne’s plan to beef up security following this weekend’s destruction, another investment during an already challenging time.

Roanoke Police is investigating the property damage, but says it is too early to tell if all of the cases are connected.

Anyone with information is asked to call investigators at 540-344-8500.

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