Roanoke ceremony honors victims of domestic violence

Published: Oct. 14, 2016 at 7:17 PM EDT
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People gathered in downtown Roanoke Friday afternoon to honor victims and survivors of domestic violence, and focus attention on a problem that continues to affect many lives here.

The ceremony of honor and remembrance included the names of people in our area whose lives were cut short because of family violence.

Kimberly Nelson Drew died six years ago.

Her sister Roni Arven spoke during the ceremony, and she shared a message for others who are experiencing family violence.

"The victims need to know that their situation that they're in is not a reflection on them," Arven told WDBJ7, "it's a reflection on the other person. They don't really need to be embarrassed. They don't need to keep hiding. Nobody can help you if you keep things to yourself."

Participants also took their message to the streets of Roanoke, with "a walk in their shoes" through downtown Friday afternoon.