Roanoke city council postpones decision on Parks and Rec master plan, skate park remains a concern

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ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) -- Roanoke City Council got a closer look at the Parks and Recreation Department's proposed 20-year master plan during a packed meeting on Monday night.

As WDBJ7 has previously reported, the draft plan includes more work on greenways, ADA compliance at facilities, and deferred maintenance on pools and recreation centers.

After the plan was presented, the public was given a chance to weigh in. The topic at the top of most minds was Roanoke's skate park not being included.

"What wasn't included when the master plan was being put together was the fact that the skate park soon won't exist because of the Main Street bridge renovation, with no plans of doing anything to build a new skate park," William Sellari, board member of the Roanoke Skatepark Initiative said.

Skaters and supporters of all ages showed up Monday night to make their voices heard.

"I really need a skatepark because for me at a young age I need some exercise. And me and my friends - we don't want to travel to another city just to get to a skate park," young Sebastian Campbell said.

After several more speakers, city council members had a chance to respond directly to the room. Council seemed on board with taking another look at how to add the skate park to the list of priorities.

"I have no doubt that Roanoke will have a state-of-the-art skate park. How we get there and when we get there is really contingent on how we all work together to make that happen," Vice Mayor Joe Cobb said.

Council voted to postponed a decision on the plan until August 5. Between now and then, Parks and Rec will make adjustments before moving forward.

You can watch the full city council meeting here.